"Fleur-de-lis" Belt Buckle by Watto (Small)


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"Fleur-de-lis" Belt Buckle by Watto (Small)



The fleur-de-lis is a beautiful and popular symbol worn by both men and women.Derived from the French word for fleur “flower” and lis “lily,” it is a stylized version of the actual lily flower. It has been used throughout time in all cultures and time periods.

Our beautifully made double layer fleur-de-lis buckle comes in two sizes and two colors- silver and copper colored.

Your new WEARABLE PIECE OF ART is completely hand made of steel, created with the finest craftsmanship by metal artist Jon WATTO Watson. It’s powder coated for durability so you can enjoy it for years to come.

size: 2.5″d
weight: approx 4.7 oz
fits: 1.5″ wide belt

Belt not included


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