Thigh High & Knee High Socks for Women

If your feet aren’t kept warm then we have a problem. If your feet aren’t kept warm and you’re lacking style we have a HUGE problem.

Inked Shop is proud to give you stylish warmth with our rad assortment of tattoo and punk style ankle, crew, and fun knee high socks. We have roller derby socks and everyday socks that are so tasty you won’t be able to resist. Yes, I did just put socks and tasty in the same sentence, but when you check out Pyknic’s “pizza” and “fry” socks trust me, you’ll be drooling as well. Because our goal is to give you stylish warmth, we chose punk socks that are printed with all of your favorite graphics: kitties, dogs, skulls, food, and more, what could be better?

Warning: Putting on these socks causes instant gratification, as you’ll experience internal warmth and happiness before you remember you were cold in the first place. These tattoo socks are also necessary for a fashion statement. Knee high cupcake socks show how sweet you and your outfit really are, skulls show your love for rock, and stripes are another accessory to your awesome outfit. Giving an Inked Shop Gift Card is the perfect gift so that your friend can be as satisfied as you when choosing among our incredible selection of socks. Cuddle up with your computer in a pair of warm knee-highs and subscribe to our newsletter so you can join us and be on the inside with the latest products and promos! Rock any pair of Inked Shop's favorite knee high socks for women and feel the warmth inside and out.