Mojo Backpacks

Mojo Backpacks was born in New York City, 2011 and built on the idea that a backpack is so much more than an accessory — it is a way of expressing your individuality. Fans of Mojo are inspired by fashion, pop culture and music, which is why every element of each style is created through the lens of their loyal fans. Mojo Backpacks has garnered the attention and support of top DJs and artists around the world. With the birth of the 1113 DJ bag (a collaboration between Dutch DJs Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano), Mojo has started a tradition of partnering with some of the most talented musicians to bring you custom collections. Mojo Backpacks is headquartered in the heart of New York City and is sold in stores and online worldwide. From their signature big face graphics and chunky zippers to the black light reactive and glow in the dark bags, Mojo is always adding edge and individuality into all of their fashion forward bags. We don’t care if you’re rocking one strap or two, at we are all about making a statement, so here’s to you Mojo Backpacks.