December 13, 2017 1 min read

With Christmas less than two weeks away, many Americans are scrambling to snag those last minute items. Which is why, we've compiled a top ten list of last minute gifts that you can receive before the holiday. Take a peek at some of our favorite stocking stuffers and presents from the Inked Shop below!

1. Skull Lip Balm 

Perfect for anyone who suffers from chapped lips.

2. "It Ain't Gonna Spank Itself" Panties

For the cheeky gal in your life.

3. "Rocker Studded" Knit Beanie

Get cozy this winter.

4. 2017 Holiday Mystery Box

Valued over $100!

5. 2017 Kids Holiday Mystery Box

Don't think we forgot the kiddos.

6. "Tattooed and Employed Script" Tee

Show off your ink in a new tee.

7. "Shark Week" Period Panties

In love with these tongue and cheek panties.

8. "Expensive Skin" Hoodie

This charcoal hoodie is perfect for cold winter nights.

9. "Moto Dreams" Tee

If you can't afford a motorcycle, this tee is the next best thing.

10. "F*ck You" Knit Scarf

Perfect for the salty lady or gentleman in your life. 


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