September 04, 2017 1 min read

These women should be thrown in jail! How can you treat another person this way?

"Watch this drunk man on his bicycle as he crashes into car full of women on a city road in downtown St. Louis. Apparently, his goal was to make a left hand turn, but after crashing into a car full of women, dazed and confused, he finds himself in more trouble than he anticipated. Clearly incapacitated, he appears dazed and confused. The women, calm at first and waiting for the police to arrive, began to get frustrated as they realize this traveler may not have the means to cover the damage he caused to their car. Suddenly the drunk man goes from a state of confusion to RAGE, yelling out profanities and charging the women. Soon, he's standing in the middle of the street, screaming, punching the hood of the car, and slamming doors. The women reach the end of their road and take matters into their own hands. The man soon regrets his decision."

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