If its to keep your face warm and cozy during the times of year where the weather goes to hell in a handbasket or just to add a stylish alternative scarf to that perfect outfit you have that's just missing that last oomf regardless of the weather! Here at the Inkedshop we have the finest array of scarves with skulls and other designs in order to fulfill whatever need you have from them. Our black skull scarves are handpicked by our staff and guaranteed to look as good as a scarf could possibly look. Ranging from darker, edgy, tattoo inspired styles to more bright, colorful, and cheerful scarves that will go great even in the summer, we at Inkedshop don't want to see you neglecting your face while you gear up the rest of your body. So stop waiting around as your mouth freezes off your face, get in there and put those final accessories where they belong!