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Akumu Ink started in 2008 screen-printing and selling individual t-shirts online from a humble two-bedroom apartment in Montreal, Canada. The name of the brand was determined by using the Japanese translation for nightmare, which has always been the dominant theme of their artwork. In 2011, owners Aldora and Joey wanted to focus all their attention from printing and shipping into producing new artwork and growing the business. The following years Akuma Ink expanded from only being found on their own site to being found in shops around the world. This year, Akumu Ink moved to Los Angeles, California. The original two owners are still at the helm creatively putting their efforts into increasing brand awareness across the US and expanding on their nightmare inspired product line. is proud to a boast a huge selection of men’s t-shirts, women’s t-shirts, tanktops, and hooded sweatshirts that showcase the dementedly chic artwork of the company’s founder, Joey Poulin. Ranging from the cuddly cuteness of his Night Owl design to his bloodcurdling Butcher design, Akumu Ink’s tees have the potential to keep you up nights. At least they’re crafted from the finest materials, so you’ll be super comfy during your bouts of insomnia. Wake up that wardrobe today by shopping Akumu Ink at