Beautiful Disaster

Beautiful Disaster Clothing brand was founded in 2008 by CEO and owner, Christie DuVarney. Beautiful Disaster Clothing (an HD Inc.Company) is your trusted source for clothing that crosses the line. They are not your "average Jane" type of women's clothing. The line was created for women who have something to say and aren't afraid to say it. The days of biting your tongues and being afraid to offend people are long gone. You have the right to express how you feel and cause a reaction and they are the clothing line that will help you say what is on your mind and shock the hell out of people! As one of their most popular designs states -"Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History" and if that statement is true, then these are the clothes legends are made out of! Beautiful Disaster was created as an alternative to all the other lines and to combat their timid attempts to shock. It feels good to express how you feel and its fun to give people a glimpse of your naughty side. It was time to cross the line and so they thought let’s create a line that blends the craziness of their “reality” (Botox needles and girls that kiss girls) with some attitude. Their line represents the individuals who are wearing the clothes, this is not just a brand, it’s a lifestyle. It's where Glam and Street meet and have a cocktail.