Black Market Art

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Specializing in bold designs that fly like a pie to the face of mainstream convention, Black Market Art has just the wares you’ll need to be the center of attention when you’re walking life’s meaner streets. Whether you’re in the market for men or women’s t-shirts, tank tops, button downs, hooded sweatshirts, or jackets. Black Market apparel has a plethora of sinister styles that will make your wardrobe all sorts of casually cool. All of Black Market's clothes designs are hand made originals created specifically for their company line by some of today’s top tattoo artists. The tattoo art prints and artwork are created big and bold and are easy to distinguish even at a distance by the people who know Tattoo Art and Tattoo Artists. You will not find any clip art taken from non-copyright books or graphic designers interpretation of tattoo art. All designs are signed by the artist and printed on the clothing. All of Black Market's clothing has a hangtag with the artist’s name and contact information. Black Market's Vintage Line is printed on vintage washed clothing that gives the clothing a worn look and even softer feel. The designs in their Traditional Series are printed in one color, which gives it that “old school” look and leaves it lightweight and comfortable. The designs in their Color Collection are dyed directly into the material, which leaves the colors bright and are undetectable to the touch. Black Market Art Company clothing only uses top quality materials.