Blue Bayer Design

Blue Bayer Design Studio was founded in 2008 by Blue Bayer, a New York-based craftsman. Introducing classic Americana to the macabre, the works of designer Blue Bayer has introduced the public at large to a world the blends fantasy and innocence. Blue is an independent artist whose roots in underground consumer culture and decades of experience as a street vendor across the country, fostered a merchant philosophy based on original work, and quality. Blue’s career began selling hand-sculpted smoking pipes in the national Renaissance Fair Circuit, soon becoming a staple in the largest fairs in the country. Like all of his modern work, his pieces were filled with a whimsical innocence combined with a macabre edge. In 2008, feeling limited, Blue decided to expand. He enlisted the help of two fellow artisans to create Blue Bayer Design Studio. is honored to provide jewelry selections from Blue Bayer’s splendid imagination that are sure to evoke a reaction and will steal many a glance. All meticulously crafted at the Blue Bayer Design Studio, this collection of skull rings, necklaces, and lighters featuring renderings of eyeballs, raven skulls, skeletons, spiders and more are sure to please anyone whose taste strays at least a little left of center.