Men's FTW Skull Long Sleeve Tee by Lethal Threat


We have received many customer requests for Lethal Threat long sleeve shirts. Always aiming to keep you guys happy, we just added three new ones to our range. You can go wrong with this battleship gray long sleeve Lethal Threat shirt. FTW, I don't know who thought that one up but in these times it fits perfectly. In the sh!t show of 2020 we are living in this is the go to shirt in these times. We added some arm bones down each sleeve, a full size back print and a matching pocket size print.

When it's too hot for a hoodie, too cold for a short sleeve, our Lethal Threat Long sleeve is the perfect answer for a night ride. Don't feel like lobster arms with a day of riding under the hot sun, our long sleeves protect from sunburn. The perfect shirt for day or night time riding.


- Pre-Shrunk 100% cotton jersey knit

- 6 ounce fabric weight

- Full color front chest screen print, full color back screen print and right and left flame sleeve prints

- Ribbed cuffs so shirt won't blow up your sleeve while riding

- Classic fit, true to size

- Tag-less for added comfort

- Made in the USA

- Available in sizes Medium, Large, X-Large, 2X-Large and 3X-Large