Controse combines style and attitude in creating jewelry that is as unique as each and every one of their customers. They use 100% recycled surgical stainless steel to ensure their jewelry retains its beautiful color and does not cause allergies. Controse jewelry celebrates each customer’s unique personal style by offering pieces rich in symbolism and raw beauty. Each piece they create has a story, just like the person who wears it. They know that their customer needs jewelry that is not only beautiful, but also has meaning. This is why they produce their jewelry in an eco-friendly way, taking care to reduce waste and use less energy. They also make sure to create pieces rich in symbolism, as well as in style, letting the raw beauty of the metal and stone tell a story through its shapes and colors. At Controse, style, attitude, and personality combine to create pieces that appeal to a wide variety of customers, yet carry a unique meaning for each person who chooses their designs. Their jewelry celebrates individual beauty, extending beyond traditional norms, unafraid to be different. Deeply personal, unashamedly distinct, strong and confident - these best describe our customer and their pieces. is proud to offer their wide variety of creative jewelry.