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Attitude. The root to everything in our being, it is what makes you an individual, what separates you from the crowd. It shows that you have the ability to conquer what others believe will overtake you. Taking risks and being brave, that is what this company stands for. Famous Stars and Straps is a company that has clothing and accessories. Famous describes themselves and the people who buy their products as family. Stars (from Stars and Straps name) originates from the fact that being famous makes you a star and Straps comes from the first selling product line of belts. As this company expands and their message becomes known, their apparel makes such an impact on people throughout the “Famous Fam.” Each graphic tee is designed so that their values are visible through the artwork. From 1999 until today Famous Stars and Straps continues to provide us with an incredible clothing line stemming from a powerful message to encourage us: “Nobody Cares Go Harder.” Shop for Famous Stars and Straps unique clothing at