Fred and Friends

Doing things the standard way forever is boring, and Fred Roses realized that. Fred's company, Fred and Friends, is an appliance company that does two things for you. All products perform a task and secondly they do it in a fun and cool way. Fred and Friends is a multicultural team of designers working in Rhode Island to try and make tools that make doing routine things fun. Your silly ice cubes could be badass 5.56mm Full Frozen Jacket ice bullets and your shot glass could have you drinking out of a menacing skull. Fred and Friends knows how to make everything fun, taking something as simple as making an omelet and turning it into something as awesome as making them into little edible owl omelets. Fred and Friends is everything you could ask of an appliance salesman; its unique, its fun, it's efficient and it’ll make going back to the old way of doing things seem boring. Spice up your everyday routine by shopping for Fred and Friends products at