Men's The Last Unicorn Tee by Goodie Two Sleeves

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I have news for you. Unicorns are real. And Jerry ate the last one. Jerry is a T. rex and also a jerk. I mean, I'm not mad it was the last one. I would have eaten it myself. But my name was clearly on the Tupperware and there's even a sign posted in the office that says, "Don't eat other dinosaurs' mythical lunches." and it's like he doesn;t even care. He ate Nicole's pudding last week and now he ate the last unicorn. I WAS SAVING THAT, JERRY!

This funny dinosaur (and unicorn!) t-shirt has 2 T. rexes, one asking "Dude, did you eat the last unicorn?" and the other replying, "No." But he did. Because he's Jerry, of course he did. He's covered in prism foil  which is what unicorns are filled with, apparently.

• Specialty Metallic Prism Foil used for 'Unicorn Juice'
• 100% Super Soft Cotton
• Comfortable Men's Black T-Shirt
• Printed for a 'No-Feel' feel
• Get it together, Jerry.