It’s time to light up your life and Inked Shop is here to help you do so… in a punk, indie, tattoo, skull shades kinda way. Sitting in the darkness is no fun, especially when your bod is covered in tattoos that deserve attention. Grab a light source from Tattooed Lamps and brighten up your life, and your home. The Tattooed Lamps brand created home decor that matches the ink on your body. The designs on these Gothic lamps are incredibly detailed and aim to illuminate the room as they serve as a conversational piece. For an affordable price, you are able to shed light onto your passion for tattooing and artwork as you brighten your home with these unique and funny lamps. Allow this punk lighting to light up your house as well as your friends’ homes. These skull lamps and Gothic lamp shades make the perfect house-warming gift for any tattoo loving human being. Inked Shop Gift Cards are also available for the people who wish to browse our awesome selection of Gothic lighting themselves. Our inventory is constantly updated, so subscribe to our newsletter and be informed of our newest punk, Gothic, rockabilly and skull table lamps. It’s time to light up your life (and your house), no longer let your home wallow in dullness, brighten it up with a unique tattoo-style lamp.