Shower Curtains

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Don’t let the steam from your hot shower fog up the vision of your funny shower curtain. It’s a shame that we must cover ourselves while showering but Inked Shop allows you to do so with Gothic and rockabilly shower curtains. Browse among Sourpuss Clothing’s shower curtains that look more like artwork. From the “Kitten of the Sea” curtain to the Bettie Page image, your bathroom will be decorated in fun and sexy, punk style and tattoo shower curtains and accessories. Drape across any of these shower curtains as you bring art and style inside of the bathroom. It’s gonna be tempting for guests to pull open the curtain to reveal if what’s showering on the inside is just as awesome looking as the curtain on the outside. Inked Shop’s selection of Gothic shower curtains makes for the perfect gift, especially for new homeowners! We also have Inked Shop Gift Cards available to make gift giving an easier task. After you clean up and wash off, subscribe to our newsletter and be the first to know when new fun shower curtains are available! Take shower fun and play to a whole new level, distract what’s going on inside with awesome graphics on the outside!