Angry Owl Candle by Skeleton Candles


Owls are nocturnal, actively hunting their prey only in darkness. The owl shaped candle reveals the creature like skeleton inside, a grinning wise metallic skeleton with fire blazing in the eyes! Strike a match and watch this owl in the shadows of darkness.
Product Information

  • Angry Owl is available in four pastel colors: Blue, Green, Pink, Purple
  • The dimensions of an Angry Owl candle are: 6” tall x 4” wide x 3” deep
  • Each candle should have a burning time of approximately 30+ hours
  • Materials: Paraffin Wax, Cotton Wick, and Aluminum

Remove all Packaging and place the candle on heat resistant surface. Burn candle no longer than 3-4 hours per lighting. Keep wick trimmed ¼ inch to prevent a smoking candle. Keep burning candles out of drafty areas, as drafts will cause the candle to burn unevenly. Discontinue use when a ½ inch of wax remains at the bottom. Never leave burning candle unattended. Keep away from children and pets.