I originally made the toy for my son so he could mimic his father who is a renowned tattoo artist. As I encountered more parents in the industry I was continuously asked to create more of these toy tattoo machines for their children. I realized I could create something that I was passionate about and also bring joy to a child's life which was extremely rewarding. I was hooked! In a world where most toys require batteries, it felt great to create something that would allow my child and others to rely more on their imagination with a good old fashion toy. Each toy is created with so much love and energy that I am proud of the final product I have the privilege of sharing with you.

I will continue to paint these little Kid's Tattoo Machines for as long as I can. It brings me joy to share my love of art and crafts with others. And I dedicate this store to my son and his father, for without them there would be no "Kid's Tattoo Machines."