Ktag has created a line of apparel that is perfect for the days that you hate everyone and just want to be in bed. Constantly wake up on the wrong side of the bed? If you’re gonna do it, at least cover your eyes with the “f*ck off” sleeping mask to warn your roommates before they decide to talk to you. To the people that piss you off, the “f*cker” or “psycho” tee shirt is sure to give them the message. And when you’ve reached your limit at the end of a gruelingly long day, the “I’d rather be sleeping” tee makes sure others are aware to just let you go home to your best friend…your bed. Ktag Clothing also has a variety of other apparel including bucket hats, to shade yourself from having to talk to people, or the “f*ck off” winter gloves that’ll keep you warm and spread a cold message. Get your Ktag Clothing at Inkedshop.com today!