Leg Avenue

The Leg Avenue brand has humble roots as a family-owned hosiery business with big dreams. The Tsai family began designing unique stockings and selling them at swap meets and kiosks located at L.A.'s downtown fashion district in 1984. From hosiery to lingerie, the business evolved quickly with innovative ideas and lots of hard work. In 1999, the family formed Leg Avenue, Inc. to bring its new product concepts to life. It wasn't long before Leg Avenue tackled and conquered the Halloween industry. With designs that mix fashion with fantasy, Leg Avenue Costumes are fun, and innovative. Leg Avenue also continues to grow its licensed costume line. Today, from humble beginnings to becoming one of the world's largest intimate apparel wholesalers, Leg Avenue has grown into a multi-million dollar apparel design, manufacturing, and retail distribution business. Carrying so many different and never-before-seen styles of fine hosiery products, they also design, manufacture and sell beautiful lingerie, shoes, and complementary accessories! Despite the company's growth, their mission has not changed. Leg Avenue is committed to bringing their customers' innovative products, competitive pricing, and complete satisfaction. Inkedshop.com is very happy to offer these incredible products. If you are shopping for lingerie or hosiery, look no further than Leg Avenue.