Men's Skool of Hard Knocks Tee by Lethal Threat


It seems like in today’s world, the only way to be seen as successful is to go to an Ivy League College, and then down a corporate career path. Here at Lethal Threat, we reject that idea of success. We have a special place in our hearts for people that got a primary and secondary education in the school of life, voluntarily or not. No matter the reputation, a college degree can’t teach you how to work hard and roll with the punches like being out in the world does. For those of you who agree that character and dedication can’t be found inside an overpriced textbook, this navy blue tee is for you. As the first in a series of monster themed tees, we are also introducing the monster (and of course, star student at the Skool of Hard Knocks) Puncher on either side of the shirt!

 In order to ensure that we never have a shortage of new ideas, we are selling limited prints of our designs from here on out. Once the run of a design is finished, it will be discontinued, meaning you won’t be seeing the same graphic on a shirt again. We have a far reaching base of customers and dealers, and our shirts are selling faster than ever before, because of this the specific shirt and size you are looking for will likely not be available in the future. Grab what you want while you can!

New Updated Sizing:

We know our customers like to live freely and savor the good things as much as possible, and that worrying about your waistline isn’t going to be a priority for everyone. This shirt comes in "Real Men Sizing" meaning a looser, bigger, more comfortable fit. True to size, you won't feel like you’re trapped in a straightjacket. It’s not a stock blank shirt like you’d find from any old generic brand, we custom sized and manufactured this shirt from a soft preshrunk cotton fabric for the fit our customers deserve.

Ultra-soft 100% Pre-shrunk cotton

    • Standard fit short sleeve T-Shirt

    • Tagless for comfort

    • Full color Front and Back screen print

    • Designed in the USA

Model 1: Height 5' 8", Weight 180 lbs - Wearing size Medium