Men's Tattooed and Trashed Tee by Lethal Threat


Tattoos will always be the ultimate mark of a rebel, but still, getting inked isn’t the cardinal sin that it used to be. For decades, tattoos were seen as just for criminals, outcasts, and maybe soldiers or sailors. In order to get one, you had to go to a shady part of town, usually after knocking back some drinks. If you couldn’t pay up when the tat was complete you’d end up in the trash, most of the time head first. This lighthearted t-shirt is dedicated to those who still have fond memories of tattoo shenanigans from the good ‘ol days.

In order to ensure that we never have a shortage of new ideas, we are selling limited prints of our designs from here on out. Once the run of a design is finished, it will be discontinued, meaning you won’t be seeing the same graphic on a shirt again. Grab what you want while you can!

We know our customers like to live freely and savor the good things as much as possible, and that worrying about your waistline isn’t going to be a priority for everyone. This shirt comes in a looser, bigger, more comfortable fit. True to size, you won't feel like you’re trapped in a straightjacket.

Ultra-soft 100% Pre-shrunk cotton

    • Standard fit short sleeve T-Shirt

    • Tagless for comfort

    • Full color Front and Back screen print

    • Designed in the USA

    • Model: Height 5' 8", Weight 180 lbs - Wearing size Medium