Lost Apostle

Here you will find a selection of Lost Apostle’s most popular bronze & white bronze jewelry that they have been hand making and selling for the past few years. Each design is hand carved and then cast in sculptural bronze using the Lost Wax process. This ancient method of casting bronze has remained relatively unchanged since its invention some 5000 years ago, and they take great pleasure in using this age-old process to create our jewelry. Once each piece is cast in the finest bronze it is then entirely hand-finished, a patina is sometimes applied, and then hand-polished to a mirror finish. In order to maintain the bronze's beautiful color, each piece then undergoes a special process to ensure the jewelry will not tarnish. Unlike untreated bronze, their jewelry will not need polishing. You'll also find plenty of Lost Apostle originals here...if it's a tiny Medical Syringe and Anatomical Heart necklace, a pair of Flying Pig earrings, or sugar skull jewelry you're looking for, then you my friend are in the right place. Every piece of Lost Apostle jewelry also carries their logo - your guarantee that all their jewelry is made to the best of their abilities. You'll never see anything on Inkedshop.com that falls short of this commitment.

*All Lost Apostle items are handmade and may take up to 10 days or more to arrive.