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Loungefly designs and produces fun and creative clothing and accessories. The company is well known for their Hello Kitty purses, wallets and backpacks. But that's just one of the many licensed products they specialize in. Disney characters make appearances on various products, such as the Minnie Mouse tote bags, purses or wallets that we carry here at Inked Shop. Or how about the ever popular Disney Ariel True Love Wallet?

We also have Star Wars accessories designed by Loungefly, including some really cool and creative ideas. For instance, tattoos and Star Wars go hand in hand, with the Star Wars Tattoo Flash Backpack.

If sugar skulls are your thing, Loungefly is known for making really cool sugar skull purses.

Loungefly designs unique yet affordable clothing and accessories. With a large variety of styles and products, we have exactly what you need to complete any fun outfit or look. Inked Shop is pleased to offer an extensive collection of Loungefly's finest products. Whether you're in the market to buy a Loungefly Darth Vader coin bag, we have plenty of items and styles to choose from in the Loungefly product line.

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