Lucky 13

They don't chase after trends, they define them. Hailing from the sun-soaked streets of Southern California, Lucky 13 is a brand born out of the need for self-expression. Deeply rooted in art, music, fashion and kustom kulture, Lucky-13 has never strayed from its DIY work ethic beginnings. “Live Fast, Never Die.” Lucky 13 Clothing is a celebration of all things American. For over 20 years, Lucky 13 has celebrated a forgotten era that we’ve long been nostalgic for; an era when traditional tattoos reigned supreme. Lucky 13 salute the bikers, pinups, gear-heads, vixens and rule breakers. Embracing individual style, rebellious expression and roots embedded deep in the underground culture. Lucky 13 isn’t just another apparel brand it’s a lifestyle paying homage to the vintage trend. is proud to carry such a bold line of tees, jackets, tank tops and dresses.