Men's Battle Axe Wallet Chain by Wicked Steel


HAND-MADE Battle Axe Skull Wallet Chain features 26 skull links. The dangling focal skull has been arranged to resemble a battle-ax with a dagger handle. It is hand-crafted of brass and dipped in chrome and rhodium plated. Snap hooks on the ends of the chain feature skulls and allow the chain to spin 360 degrees to keep the chain from knotting, binding, and snapping.

This wallet chain weighs approx. 1/2 a pound and is 29" long and 1/2" wide.
Skull links are approx. 1/2" wide and 1.0" long.
Focal skull assembly is approx. 1.0" wide and 2.5" long.

All products are made to order by hand and will have extended shipping time.