OG Abel

For nearly 15 years, OG ABEL, the lettering and tattoo inspired artist, has been commissioned to produce top-notch artwork for numerous notable clothing companies. In doing so, he was giving up control of how each one of his designs was reproduced on the products. Even though his designs always sold well for those others companies, the end product was not always up to par by his standards. Abel wanted to change that.

Today OG ABEL, the clothing and lifestyle brand, takes pride in the quality of the end product produced. Every newly released design has been lying in wait, patiently awaiting for the last keystrokes of the brush, and/or for the right time to be introduced for the world to see... OG ABEL is involved every step of the way, from concept to thumbnails, from rough sketches all the way up to the t-shirt, hoodies and tank top screen printing process. The inks and screens used to imbed their iconic tattoo inspired imagery makes each piece of clothing as close to the original artwork as possible. The unique surface of every product OG ABEL produces is unlike any other clothing brand. It needs to be seen and felt to truly take it in.