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Cher Rock, creator of Poprageous, gives you style and comfort straight from LA. Inspired by art, pop culture, and their customers, Poprageous is a printed apparel brand established right here in America. If you're always on the prowl for some risk-taking, express yourself through your style, and do not give a sh*t about what others think, Poprageous loves you. Being adventurous is very important to Poprageous, as they believe everyone should take on their wild side and wear what they want all while feeling confident. This company wishes to acknowledge and cater to women who are “owners.” An owner will let life do its thing, whatever happens: own it. You can’t control the little mishaps in life but you can make the best out of every situation. For adventure, for fashion, and for “owning it” Poprageous gives you the ability to do it all.