Rat Baby

If alternative fashion is not quite alternative for your tastes, InkedShop.com has just the, um, alternative. From the fine folks at Too Fast Brand, we are proud to stock a selection of Rat Baby wares, a new line of gritty fashion that is unrelenting in its intensity. From Rat Baby dresses, skirts, and women’s shorts to tank tops, women’s swimsuits to t-shirts. Need some shoes? Check out Rat Baby’s spiked heels and amazing boots. Rat Baby clothing is just what the nearest back-alley doctor ordered. Not exactly what we'd recommend for Sunday church service. But that's probably not what you had in mind anyway. Welcome to the new face of underground clothing. Expressing an unruly passion for dirty, grungy, street couture, Rat Baby is new, aggressive, and more than anything: rock n’ fucking roll. They're ready to embrace the future of alternative fashion and tear down some walls in the process. With a variety of designs inspired in equal parts by gritty punk rock and innovative haute couture, Rat Baby is a brand that’s going to grab the alternative fashion world by its throat. If that is your sort of thing then you found the brand that fits right in line with your sick pleasure. You can find Rat Baby cardigans, swimsuits, and more and purchase all of these styles at Inkedshop.com.