Men's Headed for Hell Tee by Red Devil Clothing

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We can’t say for sure who’s headed for Hell, but there will be little doubt when you wear the Headed for Hell T-shirt by Red Devil Clothing. This is one badass T-shirt. The back of the shirt is a large-scale rendering of our signature logo, with the words “Red Devil” at the top. At the center of it all is the rockabilly devil himself, smiling the wickedest of smiles, and backed by a space and crossed tridents. At the bottom is the phrase “Headed for Hell” and “Est. 1998”. The printing on the back is reminiscent has a patina look. The front features a smaller version of the logo but in gray.

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  • Rockabilly Devil T-shirt
  • 100% Cotton, Heavyweight 6.0 oz shirt  
  • ITEM#  MPT-105-BLK
  • Shirt Color: BLACK
  • Fit: Regular Fit / WILL SHRINK AFTER WASH