Men's Play The Hand Tee by Lethal Threat


When you come to think about it, the hand of fate steps in to where and who you are born to.  You can be born with a silver spoon in your mouth or to the other extreme dropped off at an orphanage. Whatever hand you were dealt, you have to play that hand. If you were born into luxury, it's up to you not to blow it, but instead to build on that foundation.  If you were given a sh!t start in life, it's up to you to turn things around and make something of yourself and purpose to your existence. This was the thinking and inspiration behind this design. Nobody here at Lethal Threat was born with silver spoon. We had to grind every minute of the day to turn this dream into a reality.  

We put the main print on the front of the shirt this time.  Highly detailed, hand drawn jester just may hold the next card on your road to fame and fortune, it's up to you!

To keep things fresh we are running limited print runs of our designs going forward.  So we will do one print run of a design and the design is retired. The exact same graphic will never to be available on a shirt again once it sells out. With our vast array of dealers and online customers, our shirt runs are turning faster than ever before, meaning the shirt and size you want may not be available later on. So if you see we have the shirt and size you want, grab it while we still have it available.  

New Updated Sizing:

We know our customers like to live life to the fullest and keeping an eye on your waistline aint always a priority.   This shirt comes in "Real Men Sizing" meaning a looser, bigger more comfortable fit. True to size,  it won't fit like a straight jacket. We custom sized and manufactured this shirt from a super soft preshrunk cotton fabric for the fit our customers deserve.  It is not a stock blank shirt you find from all the other brands.

Ultra-soft 100% Pre-shrunk cotton

    • Standard fit short sleeve T-Shirt

    • Tagless for comfort

    • Full color Front and Back screen print

    • Designed in the USA

Height 5' 8", Weight 180 lbs - Wearing size Medium