Men's Run With The Ruthless Tee by Lethal Threat

Run with the Ruthless Volcano Orange Men's Tee

Now a days you hear a lot of talk about being a sheep or a lion. We designed this shirt a couple of months ago but seems like our concept for this shirt ties in with the way things are going today. At every turn in life, you come across those snakes that act one way to your face and another way behind your back. After bouncing around some ideas, our in house illustrators took to their drawing tablets. A bandana skull, with a snake coiled within, ready to strike and defend his ground is the main design element. All designs look great on a black shirt, but we decided to challenge ourselves on this one.

We came up with a shirt color called Volcano Orange. A color blend created exclusively for us, by our color lab. This new unique color to our range makes this shirt an excellent base color to add some vibrant colors in our front and back snake / skull graphics. Bright greens and yellows adorn our venomous snake with our skull done in tans and browns to really pop off this shirt.

To keep things fresh we are running limited print runs of our designs going forward.  So we will do one print run of a design and the design is retired. The exact same graphic will never to be available on a shirt again once it sells out. With our vast array of dealers and online customers, our shirt runs are turning faster than ever before, meaning the shirt and size you want may not be available later on. So if you see we have the shirt and size you want, grab it while we still have it available.  

New Updated Sizing:
We know our customers like to live life to the fullest, so keeping an eye on your waistline ain't always a priority. This shirt comes in "Real Men Sizing," meaning it has a looser, bigger and more comfortable fit.

True to size, it won't fit like a straitjacket so you won't feel like a prisoner. We have custom-sized and manufactured this shirt from a super-soft, pre-shrunk cotton fabric for the fit, feel and comfort our customers deserve. It is not a stock blank shirt you find from all the other brands.

Ultra-soft 100% pre-shrunk cotton

    • New updated "Real Man Sizing" short-sleeve T-shirt
    • Tagless for comfort
    • Full-color back and front screen print
    • Designed in the U.S.A.
    • Limited print run, this will sell out fast!

Height 5' 8", Weight 180 lbs - Wearing size Medium