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In 2004, Rudechix was incarnated for cool chix and babies with attitude. Since that time, they have grown to bring quality and authentic products to tattoo enthusiasts and roller derby players worldwide. They preach that life is indeed a journey, and are grateful for it and the changes it brings and the people they have met along the way. They celebrate the love for expressing oneself through body art. They celebrate the resurgence of a fierce sport for women. Rudehix follows the simple motto to live, laugh, get tattooed, and play derby. For the last ten years, the no-nonsense vixens have been bringing the thunder to women’s wardrobes all over the world. is glad to be on their side, and we’re proud to bring you an extensive collection of the casually cool clothier’s finest fashions. Amplify your wardrobe with any and all of Rudechix’ electric crew women’s graphic tank tops, t-shirts, roller derby shirts, v-neck tees and booty shorts. Even your too-tough-to-cry wee ones can get in on the noise with a wide selection of kids’ tees. With an ever-growing selection of Rudechix clothing at prices only can provide, the fairer sex is about to get a whole lot fairer.