Sailor Jerry Collins is the most famous tattoo artist of all time. He was the first to go to Japan to learn the sacred art of tattooing back in the 1920s. He set up shop in Honolulu in the 1930s tattooing sailors with distinctive designs. Sailor Jerry’s role in the emergence of the art is pivotal and wouldn’t be complete without featuring the man’s work. Chances are you have ink that is at least influenced by Norman Collins (Sailor Jerry’s real name), so feel free to pay tribute to the man himself with some casually cool attire that showcases his art. From Sailor Jerry t-shirts to tote bags to hooded sweatshirts, we are proud to offer Sailor Jerry clothing that is crafted from the finest materials available. While you’re at it, why don’t you toast this industry giant with a set of themed pint glasses or shot glasses (we’d suggest Sailor Jerry rum [duh]). Collins once said, “Good work ain’t cheap.” And it’s not. But at, you can get Sailor Jerry shirts and goods for unbeatable prices. "In the time honored tradition, I traded pigments and technical information for designs. I took everything I learned and modified my own style of the East and West. My constant experimentation foreshadowed the tattoo renaissance that took place within time"

-Sailor Jerry