Sik World

Sik World clothing is known and recognized worldwide, having appearances in the ever-famous MTV hit series “Yo Momma” and “The Surreal Life” as well as news articles in Fox and NBC. It doesn’t stop there; Sik World shirts have been glorified in editions of Rolling Stone, Newsweek, Hit Parader and Metal Hamme. This clothing line was founded in 1994 and is now based in San Diego, CA. You may find yourself matching some of your favorite celebrities as Eminem, Slash of Guns and Roses, CC Deville of Poison, Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, Lil’ Kim, (and maybe even your mom?) have been spotted wearing some of Sik World’s classics. These Sik World cool graphic shirts are attached with funny sayings that are known to make even passerby smirk as they walk past. As if this brand wasn’t cool enough, they have a submissions page online so that regular Sik people like you can be the inspiration for their next print.