Women's Day Of The Dead Kitty Pleated Skirt by Hemet

Size Guide

Kitties, fishies, fish bowls, flowers" this skirt has it all! It is a truly an electric and fun pleated skirt. The black background enhances the whites, pinks, purples, reds, and blues on the Day of the Dead kitty cats and bowls.

This assortment of pleats on the skirt create a 1950‰۪s inspired silhouette. The skirt can be worn with a petticoat for a complete showstopping look or casually for a stroll in town.

During winter, wear it over leggings and pair it with a cute simple sweater and boots and you are ready to go. During Spring, throw on a pair of flats and a tank top and it will be a your favorite outfit.. expect lots of ‰ÛÏaws‰۝ and compliments!

100% Cotton