Spragwerks prior career as a heavy-duty diesel mechanic, as well as their upbringing in the post-industrial wasteland of northeastern New Jersey, clearly informed their aesthetic. Their work explores the tense intersection of the organic by the industrial, and particularly the consumption of one by the other. Each piece goes through their hands, and all jewelry is cast in either New York City or Los Angeles and hand-finished by the owner. Because of the hands-on approach to making jewelry, each piece is unique. Everything is made on an as-needed basis. Their main objective is to create designs in which form follows function. Spragwerks is made to last more than lifetime, and they personally back each piece with a lifetime warranty. One of their strongest beliefs is that fads come and go, but style lasts forever. Spragwerks is a small, independently owned and operated company. Spragwerks endeavors to recycle and reuse everything they can (including your packaging!) and keep their carbon footprint as small as possible. So, macabre tastes and wild hearts notwithstanding, their customers are ethical consumers! InkedShop.com is proud to offer this original artists sterling silver gothic jewelry. If you are looking for a piece of art that is one of a kind to ordain yourself with, Spragwerks is the brand for you.