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Hailing from Huntington Beach in sunny Southern California, Sullen clothing got their start in early 2001 being heavily influenced by the So. Cal beach culture and the iconic west coast tattoo inspired art. Largely influenced by lessons learned early in tattooing, Co-owner Ryan Smith (a professional tattoo artist since 1996) brought collaborative ideas from the tattoo culture he knew and blended them with progressive fashion trends to create the brand. Having a strong focus on ideals and practices of modern tattoo artists, Sullen evolved from a small group of art driven tattooers and artists into the “Sullen Art Collective.” The “Collective” is drawn (no pun intended) to the idea that art, in all forms, should be promoted and shared for the world to learn from. Ryan Smith takes inspiration from the tattoo culture he knows so well, allowing him and the “Art Collective” to build the foundation on which Sullen currently thrives. Sullen Clothing prides themselves in bringing together creative minds and aiding in the exposure of talented artists located all over the globe. They are truly fans of tattoo inspired art and the culture that comes along with it. It’s in Sullen’s DNA; it always has and will always drive their creative direction. Through their wide variety of tattoo inspired apparel and accessories, Sullen hopes to inspire all by what they like to call, “true art.” Browse Sullen clothing for sale here today.