Women's Skirts

Long, short, mini, skater, we’ve got it all. Punk skirts that cover up your legs and Gothic skirts that reveal every inch are available here at Inked Shop. Different colors, fabrics, and patterns are available to cater to your wishes. Pencil skirts that outline your sexy curves, pleated circle skirts that bring back a pinup look, skater skirts to create a cute outfit, and mini skirts that show off your awesome legs. Because we contain patterns ranging from polka dots and skulls to flowers and eyeballs, it’s clear that Inked Shop has made it a top priority to give customers an extremely large selection that can be used for any occasion. Each punk rock skirt is made of high quality and extreme comfort. Find your favorite rockabilly skirts, pin up skirts or skater skirts online today with Inked Shop and be sure to grab one for a friend. Gifting is made easy with Inked Shop Gift Cards, when you just can’t seem to decide between a Goth skirt and a punk skirt. Whether you find yourself to be a mini skirt or pencil skirt gal, Inked Shop is always adding new products so sign up for our newsletter for awesome deals on clothing, jewelry, and accessories. Wear them casual, or dress them up, you cannot go another day without one of Inked Shop’s super cute, indie skirts. Get yours now and browse our selection of rockabilly shorts!