The 90’s opened up a new door to the world of piercing. Every pop and rock star was tatted and pierced and they dominated that look. After fading in the roaring 20’s and making a comeback in the 90’s, piercing has become an extremely hot and favored look. Inked Shop is proud to contribute to the piercing style by providing you with a large selection of incredible tattoo, punk, and goth earrings. Choose from studs, hanging, hoops, and ear cuffs to accessorize and add an edge to your look. Among sizes, shapes, and colors we have punk rock earrings for every occasion. Flowers, dragons, skull earrings for women and more. Add some fun to your own ears, or surprise a friend because these punk earrings make awesome gifts! Inked Shop Gift Cards are also available for the girl who goes earring crazy! Subscribe to our newsletter and be the first to get exclusive deals, promos, and updates when our newest products arrive. From the 90’s to now, the trend must live on. Accessorize with our awesome tattoo earrings and feel extravagant; just like the 90’s best pop and rock stars.