Black Sea Waist Bag by Killstar


As waves crash down - her eyes would flicker, just like a light at night. Atlantis and Aurora Borealis; there is a black sea in her soul - deeper than Alice's rabbit hole.

- Black Lush Velvet.
- Detachable Faux Fur Pompom.
- Zipped + Inside Pocket.
- Black-On-Black Print.
- Lined.
- 12cm x 31cm.
- Strap Length between 45cm - 75cm.

Longing for the distant adventures and foreign lands? Make sure to bring the 'Black Sea' waist bag on your soul-travels! Perfect for storing important stuff and must-haves; phone, keys, makeup, dollars and whateverz. Lush soft velvet body with black-on-black repeat print, zipped pockets and detachable faux fur pompom. Fully lined and with inside pocket. Oh my goth!

If you're goin' somewhere fun or need to dash and run - this is you, hun!

with KILLSTAR Branding, 92% Polyester, 8% Elastane.