"Cat Video" Clapperboard Gag Gift by Fandom Planet

If TLC is the home of parents milking their kids for instant fame (thanks Honey Boo Boo), YouTube is the home of people riding their cats all the way to the top. But, competition (like your cat) is fierce – you need the Hollywood touch! The Cat Video Clapperboard puts you in the director's chair, so you can get the most out of your kitty video. Not that your adorable little feline friend needs the improvement (they're perfect, we know), but their attention does tend to wander. That little clack will get their attention, so they can melt the hearts of the good people of the world with those adorable eyes of theirs.

  • Clapperboard for cats – no dogs allowed!
  • Give your next YouTube video the Hollywood treatment
  • Pamper your Internet star even more than you already do
  • Write your cat's name in chalk for a personal touch
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