Catacombs Ring by Silver Phantom Jewelry


If you were to make a list of the creepiest places on the entire planet, catacombs would inevitably be right at the tippy top. And it's not up for debate. These underground cemeteries are not for the faint of heart. Bring a small reminder of the crypts into your fashion with a horor ring depicting catacomb skulls. These horor rings are the perfect fashion statement that says "I'm not afraid of no ghosts!" But even if you are, one of these skull rings will have people fooled. Skull rings and horor rings are a spooky halloween accessory or an unusual accent to a normal outfit. Between wearing a skull ring or exploring haunted catacombs, the ring is certainly the better choice - trust us!

Material: 925 Sterling Silver

Weight: 11.01 gr

This item may take 2-4 weeks for processing and delivery.