Frida Kahlo V Cut Apron by Hemet

Size Guide

In this apron you find a young Frida with “Viva Frida” around her. A flying dove and “Todo Para Ti” underneath, two Frida’s holding hands and “Ya No Estoy Sola” wrapping around them. A bow with “El Dolor, El Placer, Y La Muerte” wrapping around it, a teary Frida and “Si, Te Lloro” underneath, a bouquet of flowers and “Yo Te Esperare” around it. A glowing red heart with thorns around it and “Te Amo Mucho” across it, a paint palette and “Mi Vida” underneath it, and much more!

In all the images Frida is represented with her well known uni-brow, flower accents, and rosy cheeks. It is an apron that could mean so much more than what it already says!

A red fringe adorns the apron all around, and a solid red pocket serves to carry everything miscellaneous. To cinch your waist and keep the apron in place, tie a bow at the front or at the back with the conveniently long red ribbon.

Like Frida Kahlo, stand out from the rest with this apron!

– 100% cotton
– Machine Washable
– Handmade in the USA