Lethal Threat sinner's speedway tee


Sinner's Speedway Skull Men's T-Shirt

Your wife is banging the mailman, you kid is in the detention center, and all you want to do is squeeze as much horsepower out your ride as possible. We like your priorities! So if you got the balls, the cash and the ride, fire up that bad boy and head down to Sinners Speedway.

Nobody here has time for losers, so gather up all the back child support payments you never sent to your ex- trailer trash queen, and put your money were your mouth is. It's race day , winner takes all, it's either death or glory!

This shirt graphic has it all! A sexy devil girl, killer helmet skull, pumping pistons, checkered flags and the perfect color combination.

New Updated Sizing:

We know our customers like to live life to the fullest and keeping an eye on your waist line aint always a priority. This shirt comes in "Real Men Sizing" meaning a looser, bigger more comfortable fit. True to size, it won't fit like a straight jacket. We custom sized and manufactured this shirt from a super soft pre-shunk cotton fabric for the fit our customers deserve. It is not a stock blank shirt you find from all the other brands.

  • Ultra-soft 100% Pre-shrunk cotton
  • New updated "Real Man Sizing" short sleeve T-Shirt
  • Tagless for comfort
  • Full color Back and Front screen print
  • Designed in the USA
  • The ultimate Gear Head, Speed Freak T-Shirt