Sacret Cat Goblet


Sip from the cup and you may divine the feline prophesies of Ailouros, heart spirit of the temple of Amun.

Pray for her blessings, for she is the bringer of music, dance, good fortune, and joy to everyone.

Showcasing the face of the imperious feline deity and projecting its aura of confident supremacy.

To preserve the life of this goblet you must not dish wash or submerge in water. Cup can be wiped clean after use.

Approximate Dimensions:
Height 7.44" x Width 3.35" x Depth 3.35" Weight: 0.93lbs
Designed in England, manufactured in China
Made with high quality cast resin and stainless steel cup insert.

Designed & Developed in England Manufactured in China. Brand Origin: England, United Kingdom.

Customer Reviews

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Mark Wagner
Dark Side

Greetings from the dark side.. not all things that exit from the dark side are dark & gloomy, bad, depressing, taboo,or ment to be kept quiet…shopping here with a beer I found some great shit and had buy it so much fun I had a riot.
Humor is neither racist nor exclusive …Humor has no limitations but for the exception of narrow minded , insecure , weak minded , sheep that should be put out of their misery asap.. so let’s slow the curve and stop their spread… people who are offended should drop dead. Humor is all but extinct man it’s sad and fucking stinks..I might be a nerd, and look like a turd, I demand one thing and that’s to be heard…I shout this loud for all to hear….no better place to buy some cool gear ….take your time and view their whole site… I promise you THEY treated me right !! They shipped it fast, with no delay….I have nothing but good shit to say…I shit you not I’m happy as can be…buy some shit try them out you will be as happy as me!!! …So grab a beer & have no fear, you will always find the coolest shit right here !!!
You will find I did not lie ….Take your time no fear to buy…fire it up and take a toke… hold it in and don’t you choke….This place is great I do not joke…
Mark from Michigan