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"Skull Crush" Mug with original artwork by Matt Kerley for Inked.

"His illustration work is so… so god-damn bizarre! Kerley conjures up clean hard-hitting images, with such purpose and precise line work that they immediately grab hold of your brain and squeeze. And then, out of the corner of your eye, you notice some writing scrawled off on the side. After you read it, the text and image begin to meld, and what initially seemed to be just a bunch of random words suddenly makes sense. Almost immediately you get this rising feeling in your gut, like the floor has just dropped out from under you. Powerful stuff, from a super talented artist.

Kerley’s work in tattoos is just as astounding; go on and check out some of the examples below. In fact, why don’t we all head down there right now and get this interview started. Matt Kerley might hate you, but I bet when you get to the end of this interview you’ll come to the same conclusion that I did: Matt Kerley’s one really cool dude.
-Doom Cycle