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Temperance Tarot Card Soy Candle

Temperance signifies a time to slow things down in your life. You are at a crossroad which lies between the emotional and logical side of you. This is a time to approach the situation with patience and not make immediate decisions, the answer will reveal itself in time.

Our candles are made from soy wax, natural oils, and are handmade in Los Angeles. They burn for roughly 18+ hours and will fill your room with the top notes of pine and sandalwood. Do not leave a candle unattended once it is lit.
  • Keyword: Patience
  • Element: Fire
  • Ruling Planet: Jupiter
  • Number: 14
  • Astrology: Sagittarius
  • Scents: Pine, Sandalwood
Our scented tarot card soy candles are hand poured from the finest 100% all natural soy based waxes in Los Angeles. We’ve hand designed a total of 16 scented tarot card soy candles, each with their own unique fragrances that are correlated with the tarot cards meaning. We over pour our oil blends in every batch to ensure the fragrance is consistent and distinguishable. Our tightly woven premium cotton wicks extend the burn time of the candle while casting a wide scent radius within any room. Switch up the vibe for any occasion by lighting your candle for a minimum of two hours to experience the full essence of our candles.

These candles are perfect for personal use, as a present for a special person in your life, and suitable for almost any occasion. For the best results ensure that each candle is allowed to burn 2-6 hours before blowing it out, preventing the adequate amount of burn time will result in tunneling which is hard to reverse once started. If you are happy with the hand poured candle you selected, we highly recommend giving candles in the same scent group a try.

Floral - Perfume type Scents
✿ Death - Rose, Violet, Pine
✿ The Moon - Lavender, Violet, Jasmine
✿ The Empress - Jasmine, Violet, Lemon
✿ Lovers - Clementine, Apple, Peach, Rose

Woodsy - Earth type Scents
☀ The Hermit - Vanilla, Oakmoss, Sandalwood
☀ Temperance - White Pine, Vanilla, Sandalwood
☀ Hanged Man - Mulberry, Basil, Cedar
☀ Mortus Viventi - Mahogany, Teakwood, Eucalyptus

Musky - Cologne type Scents
※ The Devil - Amber, Vetiver, Sandalwood, Spice (Cologne)
※ Justice - Cedar, Saffron, Spice (Cologne)
※ The Emperor - Tobacco Leaf, Sandalwood
※ The Tower - Cardamom, Vanilla, Amber, Clove (Cologne)

Sweet - Neutral type Scents
✥  Strength - Vanilla, Sandalwood, Tobacco
✥ The End - Vanilla, Sandalwood
✥ The Magician - Pumpkin, Caramel, Cinnamon
✥ Fortune - Vanilla, Bay Leaves, Sandalwood, Citrus

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