Women's "Cat Ears" Zip-Up Hoodie by Banned Apparel (Multiple Options)

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The trendy designer Cat Ears Striped Hoodie has some lovely details. It is an all-over striped pattern and features a hood with cat ears. There is a drawstring at the neck. The front zips up using a skull toggle zip and there are specially fitted thumb holes in each cuff. One of the long sleeves has a hidden pocket which zips up and there is another secret pocket on the inside. Styled in a soft Cotton and Elastane fabric, this hoodie with cat ears looks sensational.

Features of the Cat Ear Hoodie:

* Striped Pattern

* Hood With Cat Ears Detail

* Sleeves With Zip Up Hidden Pocket

* Inside Hidden Pocket

* Skull Zipper

* Special Thumb Hole Details

* 95% Cotton 5% Elastane

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